Linden Tree Education - Bringing Recovery to over 250,000 since 1997

Recovery for anxious people of all ages

20 years of practice helping well over 250,000 people to recover fuels our knowledge and passion

Our focus is on fast and life-long recovery. We do not provide coping strategies or management devices, we provide practical, simple and hugely engaging structure, knowledge, support and guidance.

We know that providing a constant and professional programme that engages and reassures the young person, whilst, at the same time, guiding, reassuring and supporting the parent or guardian, we can quickly turn lives around.

Our mission

To reach every person with anxiety and prevent their suffering

Our goals

To have this programme available locally across the UK by 2020

Suffering from anxiety related conditions is both pointless and damaging.

We understand that your child may have had other treatments such as talking therapies or medication, but those treatments' failure doesn't mean that all treatments fail, it's simply that they were not developed for the appropriate treatment of and recovery from, anxiety disorders.

We have helped people who have had decades of therapy and medical intervention and have felt deserted, isolated and helpless.

In days their lives change significantly. Why?

Because they are finally doing what the brain and body need in order to recover. It's so simple.

Just because a treatment is 'available' and accessible doesn't mean that treatment is appropriate or effective. If that treatment doesn't address the science involved in the creation of the condition, it is redundant.

Over the years we have shown repeatedly, with total efficacy, that recovery is fast and simple if you receive the correct resources and guidance.

Children around the world are suffering needlessly and the anxiety disorder pandemic affects 1 in 4 people; however, the damage doesn't end with the sufferer; the sufferer's family, career and life experience are also dramatically affected... all needlessly.

Anyone who tells you that anxiety disorders are incurable is speaking from a position of ignorance. These disorders are very simple to overcome fully and ignorance is never a justification for suffering.
Our Directors

Charles, Beth and Miranda are all passionate about providing people of all ages with exactly what they need in order to find lasting freedom from their emotional issues.
Charles Linden
Miranda Hart
Beth Linden
Having become closer to Linden Tree and what we do and having attended some of our events as a mentor to other sufferers, Miranda invited Charles to participate in a Comic Relief documentary and the rest, as they say, is history.

Charles says "Working with Miranda is a joy. The positivity and belief she instills in clients is infectious and this is passed down through the courses we run with such focus. We make an amazing, unstoppable team and our dream is for every anxious person to benefit from the incredible, recovery focused programmes we run."
Who are we?

We are Linden Tree Education, an NCFE accredited mental health education and recovery organisation. Since 1997 we have researched and developed strategies, resources and programmes to bring about true recovery from emotional imbalances.

We are a psycho-educational organisation offering programmes of recovery in a variety of accessible formats but, uniquely, we also offer professional level practitioner accreditation as an Anxiety Recovery Therapist. LAR Therapy - NCFE Level 4

In addition to home access, corporate and workshop programmes, we also work at The Elms Retreat & Spa to deliver the most wonderful and life-changing programmes for recovery from emotional disequilibrium and anxiety related conditions.

Our team consists of counselling psychotherapists, psychologists, life coaches, physical balance coaches and other health and wellbeing practitioners.
Jenny Brookes, BPS, is our in house psychologist and lead educator.
Jackie Anderson is our Retreats coordinator and host. MBACP
Sheila Darley is our head of support services.
Why is what we do so different?

We focus on and produce recovery... not management or coping strategies. True recovery.

Why is that different? Because, no one else does it. No other therapy is recovery focused or can demonstrate transformation.

We use the world's only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy, LAR.

LAR Therapy produces 100% efficacy - In our last trials, our therapy reduced anxiety from an average of 18.24 out of 21 (severe), to 2.84 out of 21 (recovered).

LAR Therapy is a simple, structured programme which forces the emotions to reset at normal levels and for the physical and emotional responses associated with anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions, eating disorders, health anxiety and depression to retreat completely.

Recovery is reliant on one core physiological response and our programmes are the only approaches that use this approach.
  • we Help children recover

    Recovery is actually a 'genetic preset' in all humans, it's just that the 'reset' doesn't happen naturally in anxious people.

  • we help children realise their potential

    Our programme doesn't end at recovery. It repurposes intellectual resources, creating focus, wellbeing and fulfilment.

  • we help parents understand and guide

    Helping and supporting parents is vital. We will lead your child towards recovery and teach you how to gently assist.

Our Courses

Recovery with full, unlimited, ongoing support & guidance

Separation anxiety, school phobia, night-frights, phobias, obsessive thoughts, tics... the manifestations of anxiety in children can be very worrying. We will show you how to quickly overcome your child's anxiety.
7-13 Year olds
Teenage years can give rise to many physical, chemical and psychological changes but also to sociological changes. Anxiety in teens is very troubling for the parents and sufferer alike. Our courses support both through to recovery.
14-18 year olds
The Anxiety Recovery Retreats have been running since 2009 and have received guests from all over the world. The Retreat's reputation precedes it. To learn more and view reviews, click on the button below.