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Adult Residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats

Our Adult Anxiety Recovery Retreats are at The Elms Retreat & Spa in Worcestershire

We will show you how and why other treatments have failed you and we will prove to you that recovery is simple, fast and permanent.

Since 2010, our Anxiety Recovery Retreats have provided clients from all over the world with an 'environment for recovery' in which they learn how to switch off their anxiety, phobias, obsessions, low mood, DP, DR, OCD, PTSD and other anxiety related disorders for good.

The science and the curative success of our programmes is unquestionable.

Our clients come from, literally, all over the world, most through referrals by ex clients, because they know that the results we produce are unmatched and truly transformational in every way.

Why is what we do so different?

The differences are clear:

- Using the only accredited, dedicated recovery therapy
- Administered by ex sufferers accredited in anxiety recovery
- The science 'aligns'. No pseudo-science or 'shoehorned' therapy
- No 'face-your-fear' tactics that increase anxiety
- 20 years experience at producing recovery results

The therapy we use, LAR Therapy, is simple, scientific, common sense and just so easy to implement.

In the 4 days at the Anxiety Recovery Retreat, you will learn exactly what to do to quickly deactivate any emotional imbalance.

You will be immersed in the recovery process.

Your stay will be filled with nurturing, beneficial and supported guidance...


At NO TIME will you be asked to do anything that makes you feel worse, vulnerable or in any way unsupported.

We have all been where you are now and we all know what it is to suffer... BUT, unusually, we all know how to recover, how to show you how to recover and how to become the person you were always meant to be.

You'll love what the Retreat does to change your life!

As you can tell from the videos on the right, we produce the results that all sufferer truly NEED. We are not about 'coping' or 'management', we are about total removal of the anxiety that overwhelms you. You can return to complete peace and confidence.

If anyone has told you that you need to be medicated or have therapy, or at least learn coping strategies in order to get through your life... they are WRONG, ignorant and selfish.

If recovery is possible, your recovery is inevitable. Let us prove it to you.

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