Linden Tree Education - Bringing Recovery to over 250,000 since 1997

Our schools programmes mean peace of mind for the children, parents and teachers

All programmes include unlimited, ongoing telephone and email support for 1 year & lifetime access to our recovery portal.

The anxious child will be given all they need in order to create fast and lifelong recovery

Our team will work with you and your child or pupil to discover the fastest route to full recovery for your child.

How it works

Our team will provide the child, teacher and parents with exact directions which will produce the simple compliance needed in order for full and lasting recovery to happen quickly.

Disorders of the emotions are our speciality, regardless of how they manifest, our specialists will show the young person how to overcome them without any disruption to their home or school life.

"Being anxiety free is our focus... recovery also creates balanced, focused and fulfilled people...

...rebalancing emotional and physical equilibrium brings with it a raft of positive changes. Our focus is on returning a person to their 'birth preset' balance... the way they should be. We find that this has massively, positively influential benefits across many facets... clients with ADD, ADHD, ASD's, depression, dyslexia, dyspraxia, PD's and BPD's, ME, CFS, fibromyalgia and even asthma, for example, find that their conditions are, at the very least, more manageable when they have done our programmes. It's truly enlightening and tranformational" Charles Linden. Director
The course

On the day of the course, you and your child will be learning what is required in order to fully recover.

The experience will be engaging, nurturing but exciting and at no time will your child be pressurised into doing anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Whilst our courses are structured, we 'build in' flexibility so that every attendee feels comfortable and happy at all times.

We have learned a variety of methods and tactics which will help your child to feel comfortable and confident throughout the programme and the team are so kind and experienced, making the whole experience feel very safe and friendly for your child.

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Home access Childhood Anxiety Recovery Programme

Email and phone support for parents and child
Recovery portal access
First-aid anxiety, panic, phobia recovery tools
Everything you'll need to lead your child to recovery.
  • we Help children recover

    Recovery is actually a 'genetic preset' in all humans, it's just that the 'reset' doesn't happen naturally in anxious people.

  • we help children realise their potential

    Our programme doesn't end at recovery. It repurposes intellectual resources, creating focus, wellbeing and fulfilment.

  • we help parents understand and guide

    Helping and supporting parents is vital. We will lead your child towards recovery and teach you how to gently assist.

Our Courses

Recovery with full, unlimited, ongoing support & guidance

Separation anxiety, school phobia, night-frights, phobias, obsessive thoughts, tics... the manifestations of anxiety in children can be very worrying. We will show you how to quickly overcome your child's anxiety.
7-13 Year olds
Teenage years can give rise to many physical, chemical and psychological changes but also to sociological changes. Anxiety in teens is very troubling for the parents and sufferer alike. Our courses support both through to recovery.
14-18 year olds
The Anxiety Recovery Retreats have been running since 2009 and have received guests from all over the world. The Retreat's reputation precedes it. To learn more and view reviews, click on the button below.