Linden Tree Education - Bringing Recovery to over 250,000 since 1997

when we are asked what motivates us... we just show people videos like these!

We have helped over 210,000 people since 1997, which is remarkable. Many have been children, some as young as 3 years of age. Age, time suffered, apparent severity of symptoms are all irrelevant; recovery happens in the same way for every person... that's just about being human.

The stories we have heard are wonderful and we have thousands of testimonials of recovery.

Below are a handful of young people talking about their recoveries. Obviously, after recovery we don't ask for testimonials, especially from children but below are some from older children who felt compelled to record their stories for other young people. We know that you'll find them wonderful too.

Hollie aged 15 - Her account of her recovery

15 Year old Kyle - His & his mum's account of their recovery

17 Year old Marshall - His account of his recovery

Linda Robson- Her account of her son's recovery

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General Client Feedback

What can you do to help your child?

There's so much you can do to make a fast and dramatic difference


Knowledge is the foundation for recovery. True knowledge of the science of the disorders is vital


We offer simple reassurance about symptoms, thoughts and recovery despite your preconceptions


Without structure, we do not learn. The simple structure we use creates the recovery response


Vital to recovery is the seamless access to the people that know how to produce that recovery